Making Websites for Teenagers

Learning how to make a website can be a crucible in itself, but learning how to make websites for teenagers can be even more difficult. There are a number of things that you will need to take into account, the first of which happens to be the attention span of the average teenager — which isn’t very long.

Teenage Attention Span

No matter what the website is intended for, it would be in your best interest to ensure it has plenty of other items to keep teenagers surfing it. For example, it would be in your best interest to include a few small games, or even advertisements for new movies. This might not keep them fixated on the original topic, but it will ensure that they come back.

Ease of Use

Teenagers today are smarter than teenagers of ten years ago, at least when it comes to the use of the internet, but that doesn’t mean you should create the most complicated website possible. As a matter of fact, it would be in your best interest to create a site that features a somewhat colorful background, and one that has all of the relevant information accessible from the front page. Take it from us, teenagers will not dig through your website to find what they need/want.

Appropriate Content

When learning how to make a website for teenagers rather than adults, you need to make sure you are not including any content that would be appropriate for adults. This includes both direct and indirect content, which means you need to pay close attention to the advertisements placed on the website.

Advertisements are often necessary to secure funding for the site in question, but you will either need to watch the ads closely or have your users provide feedback. You will not get in trouble for hosting such advertisements of course, but teens will be less likely to visit if you are displaying inappropriate content.

Demographic Research

With your teen oriented website you will want to make sure you are offering a product or service that they can actually use. For example Facebook launched to fill a specific need, and it filled that need quite nicely. What need can you fill? What is it that the current generation needs? These are things that you will need to find out long before you actually submit any website to the search engines, and you will need to make sure you do extensive research. That said, now would be a great time to start your research and see what you can find. In addition to that, make sure you review other websites designed for teens so that you can tell what the current generation is attracted to. It’s going to be a difficult journey, but it can be done, and if done properly, you can profit.

Things to consider before changing hosting

You might have started out with a particular web hosting service provider and things were working fine for sometime. But, now your website has become a lot more popular that it is receiving a large number of visitors per minute, to an extent that the present server in which the web pages are hosted is not able to withstand the burgeoning traffic. Such a chance is higher, if you have hosted your website for free. When the current host is not able to meet the growing demands of bandwidth and storage, it is time to look for a more robust service provider. But, how to find one who exactly meets the requirements of your website, from the thousands of web hosting service providers available in the country and abroad?

Well, there are no hard and fast rules to it, but with the application of some simple thought and common sense, you could discern the ideal web hosting service provider from a lesser one. The following steps would help you to do so.

First, see if the web hosting service provider offers the required bandwidth and enough storage for all the required files associated with your website. This is very crucial, especially if your website has a higher prospect to grow further in the coming months or so. It is not that easy a job to change web hosts often.

Secondly, check out if the web host server is running in Windows or UNIX. When you host your website in the new server, if the files end up not compatible with the hosting software, then there is no point in the whole exercise. For example, if your webpage has Microsoft FrontPage extensions, it is of no use if the web hosting server does not offer Microsoft FrontPage compatibility. Remember, adaptability is of prime importance when it comes to efficient web hosting.

In an ideal scenario, a person browsing the website must not get an inkling that something has changed in the background. That is, the website, even after having hosted to a new server, must be able to provide the same level of features it used to offer earlier. In order to ensure that, while changing the web hosting service provider, make sure that the new one also offers the same features that the old host had been offering (such as auto responders and mail forwarding).

Avoid shared servers as much as possible. Even if you go for a shared server, checkout to see that it does not have any adult sites hosted in it. In busy hours, it could cause other websites to slow down considerably.

Finally, checkout various forums and review websites of existing users and see their opinion on the new web hosting service provider. Such resources provide a near perfect customer perception about the given service providers.

Once you have selected a web hosting service provider and hosted the website, don’t detach yourself from the old host in one go. It is important to backup your website from the old host by a redirecting page to the new server for the first 48 hours at least. This design will ensure that the netizens will be able to view your new website even if its IP address has not propagated yet. It takes about two days for a website to get listed in most of the domain servers in the web.

The Fact Why Cheap Web Hosts Are Better Than Free Web Hosts

Cheap web hosts are far better than free web hosts. If you think that paying a few dollars a month for cheap web hosting makes you worse off than having your web site hosted for free, you are mistaken. It is very important to have a reliable host, especially if you are just starting out on the Internet, or if you have a new Internet business.

Choosing a free web hosting service means that you will lose some of the control of your website to the hosting company – they will insist on displaying advertising on your website that you have no control over. They may also impose seemingly random rules regarding the content you may include on your site. Don’t think that this means only things like adult or pornographic content. Out of the blue they may limit your ability to feature completely normal subjects, such as weight loss or fitness related content. If, and when, this happens, all your hard work building your website will be wasted, if your free host decides to pull the plug on your site.

If you think that choosing a cheap web host means that you are getting inferior service, what do you think you will get for free? The quality of cheap hosting can be extremely high, since the industry is ultra-competitive. You are likely to get a great deal for around $5 – $10 per month with all the bells and whistles you may wish for. Naturally, this depends on your hosting needs, but a vast majority of websites have all the services and features they could ever want using just ordinary, cheap web hosts.

Now your know that a cheap web hosts provide much better value than a free host. Now you need to find out how to choose the best hosting company for YOUR particular needs.

So just how do you find a cheap web host that is reliable and reputable? A good web hosting review site is a great place to get started. There are many review sites out there, and it is important that you find a good one. Make sure that the web hosting review site you choose actually reviews the web hosts they recommend, and not only copy and paste the features the company already present on their own website. A good review site often has other related information available for free: guides, tutorials and such.

What a good review site does for you is to compile all the important details about several web hosting companies and then weighs this information against the price and the quality of service you can expect. Collecting this all this information on your own would take weeks or months to compile.

Once you have found a good web host review site, make up a short-list of hosting companies you are interested in, and give them a call in their customer service number to ask a question or two about their company. Once you find one that you feel comfortable with and that satisfies your web hosting needs, you have found your new cheap web hosting company.

Unlimited Web Hosts – The Truth Revealed

UNLIMITED. You’ve probably seen this term countless times when searching for a web host. Hosting packages for $5 a month that offer you unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

Sounds great doesn’t it? However, disk space and bandwidth are true commodities and do indeed have limits just as water, natural gas, or oil. Well lets have a look at just one small piece of the fine print that you are agreeing to when you sign that 3 year paid in full up front contract. One major “unlimited” host has the following in their TOS (terms of service) agreement.


There are many things can slow down a server. In order to guarantee the fastest possible connections, we need to monitor our servers for processes that overload them. Any party that slows our servers down, can and will be notified. UNLIMITED HOSTING COMPANY reserves the right to kill any process (i.e. end a software’s execution) that is overloading a server, or slowing it down heavily. Each account is allowed to use a fair portion of the server’s Cpu time and Ram memory. We stick to the 60 minute rule, which means that each shared hosting account may not use more than 60 minutes of CPU time per day. Accounts that generate more than 60 minutes of Cpu usage per day will be notified and asked to optimize their website performance to fit under 60 minutes or upgrade to a managed dedicated server with no CPU limitations.

CPU limitations? And you thought this was unlimited, this is just the beginning, just wait until you surpass their unlimited bandwidth allotment and see what happens to your sites!

This is common among most of the so called “unlimited” hosts. In other words, they are relying on the notion that you as the client will be drawn to them by the “unlimited” bandwidth and disk space claim but hope you do not realize that you also have to use server processes to power your website *which are limited.

This is how they can legally claim their service offers unlimited disk space and bandwidth. As one insider at an unlimited host told me. “it’s unlimited until we say it isn’t, then they have to pay extra for the limited.”

In plain English, unlimited hosts will leave your site online until you start passing their pre-determined bandwidth cap, once you do, well wouldn’t you know it, you’ve exceeded their CPU process quota or max mysql connections. Then your site is suspended and your being told either you need to upgrade your service or find hosting elsewhere.

The other trick is in the content clause that the “unlimited” hosts have. They know that adult sites take allot of disk space and bandwidth to run flawlessly, so they bury little things like the following deep in their TOS (terms of service):

* Prohibited Offerings. No Subscriber may utilize the Services to provide, sell or offer to sell the following: pornography, nudity, sexual products, programs or services; escort services or other content deemed adult related.

And this fun little tidbit:

* Profanity or profane subject matter in the site content and in the domain name are prohibited.

This article is to inform you as the client what you could potentially be getting involved in by signing up with one of these “unlimited” hosts.

Always be clear about a potential companies TOS before signing up and make sure they do not hide certain things in hopes that you will not discover it. Also make sure the company offers many ways for you to contact them. Many unlimited hosts will only have a phone system and or a chat system both of which you will be put into a queue that could last up to an hour before speaking with someone.

A Basic Guide To Finding A Web Host

If you have a website, or if you have bought a domain name, you need to know what kind of web host you will have. This is where your files will be stored and while you might be tempted to sign up with the first host you see, there are some things you need to know. This article will give you some basics you need to know before you pay for hosting.

First, look for reviews by customers like yourself. You will be able to very quickly discover which hosts to stay away from, and which hosts you may be interested in learning more about. Try to determine who provides hosting for the sites you visit most online. That way, you’ll have an idea of how different load times affect sites, and things like that. Other people can steer you in the right direction, but take each opinion with a grain of salt. Most hosting companies have affiliate programs where they pay people to recruit for them.

Contact companies you’re interested in. If they only have email support, you should see that as a red flag. Whatever you’re doing with your site, if you cannot reach your host in the case of down time, you are going to be very upset. You need to determine whether you can talk to a live person at your host at any time. Make sure you can reach them by phone, email and even physical address. That lets you know that they take customer service seriously, and that if there is a problem you have a better chance of getting it resolved quickly.

Determine whether the host plans to put ads on your site. This should only happen with free hosting, and is in fact an incentive to stay away from free hosts. If you do go with a free host, make sure that you check out what kinds of ads will be seen on your site. You don’t want to have a site for children and end up with a lot of ads for adult entertainment, for example.

Ask about bandwidth and downtime. Every company will promise 99% uptime, but that is not always accurate. Try to get a better idea of when the site might be down. Ask when the last downtime was. As for bandwidth, find out how much bandwidth you get with the plan you’re interested in. Find out whether you can pay for more bandwidth when you get to that point. Typically, you should always get more bandwidth than you think you might need. That way, your site can run smoothly and seamlessly.

After reading this article, you should be better able to select a web host for your site. You might want to just host it anywhere, but if you read over the information here you’ll discover why you simply can leave nothing to change. Make the time to fully investigate hosting companies until you find one that is a good fit for you financially and otherwise.

Free Web Hosting Versus Paid Web Hosting

We all like not accepting to pay for things. It doesn’t actually beggarly we shouldn’t, but with these harder times, accepting something chargeless is appropriately received. But what about web hosting? Will application a chargeless web host (plenty around) end up causing you added affliction and adversity than its worth?

In a simple word. Yes… and no. You charge to ask yourself, what are your intentions?

If you plan on active a blog (and annihilation more) than a chargeless host is accomplished – that is, a chargeless host that is not bedeviled by problems or run by a time-poor 15 year old student. These types of chargeless hosts eventually go down eventually or later. Truth is, a lot of chargeless hosts go down eventually or later. I acknowledgment one beneath that seems to accept stood the analysis of time and is consistently reliable.

However if you wish to alpha a forum, these types of websites alpha growing “out of control” bound to the point your chargeless hosting may not be able to cope afterwards your appointment starts growing in popularity. It is actually a altercation to move these kinds of websites as they are so circuitous by their nature. When it comes to chargeless hosting, you accept to get a little nitty abrasive and anticipate technically. Is the website Software you are running, or are the websites you are planning to run (if multiple) traveling to alpha growing to the point the limitations of a chargeless host alpha interfering? And how simple it to alteration these sites away?

If you are thinking that your sites may grow, and they apparently will be aching to move, then you actually do NOT wish to use a chargeless web host. Simply because you will accept to move. If your Software or website is actually simple, again sure, use a chargeless web host for a few months until your website begins to grow, again move afterwards – that’s if its simple to do so or you accept the abilities to execute the move with about ease.

My “safe list” of the kinds of sites you can run on chargeless hosting:

General blogs with pictures etc. Short movies only.
Small forums.
Help board software.
Small arcade barrow sites with few products.
One page “sales letters” blazon of sites
Any affectionate of website with beneath than 30 pages that don’t crave acute amounts of avant-garde agreement that aswell crave little assets to run.

What you actually cannot run on chargeless hosts:

File hosting websites (including angel hosting)
Any affectionate of resource-intensive scripts like proxy websites
And acutely you wish to abstain developed agreeable depending on the host’s owners.

If what you are accomplishing is not ability accelerated (say a basal website with pictures, and an “about us/contact us” page etc with your blast number, you should be altogether accomplished on a chargeless host. Its just already your website grows you will get into growing pains and will accept to move. If you were afterwards chargeless hosting, you can analysis out this accomplished chargeless web host [] (they don’t put advertisements on your website either).

Otherwise you are bigger off with paid hosting. This unbiased web hosting analysis demography site offers a abundant and aloof top-10 web hosts list.

Simple Tips on How to Build a Simple Adult Website

The developed ball industry is one of the oldest in the world. With the connected acceptance of the Internet, developed ball has accomplished new heights, now utilizing abstruse advance to actualize a bigger, added market. Indeed, the developed ball industry online will not be traveling anywhere anytime soon, and if you accompany appropriate now, you’ll be accomplishment the fruits of your harder plan eventually than a lot of online businesses allow. Running things abaft the scenes or starring in your own developed videos, accepting a website committed to accouterment apathetic adults with their cast of ball can be absorbing and rewarding. Body a simple developed website now.

Tip Amount One

But aboriginal and foremost, you allegation to accomplish abiding that the laws in your city-limits or accompaniment acquiesce the assembly and advertisement of developed content. While some humans accept taken the accident and gone underground, it’s still best to accede with all accompaniment and federal laws. Accomplish abiding you accept acknowledged clearance, additional appropriately active absolution forms and accurately accustomed photo ids of all the bodies you’ll be application in your website (i.e. those who will arise in the photos and videos). Remember that even if you accept a all-encompassing disclaimer, such will not authority up in a cloister of law. Another important admonition if you body a simple developed website is to analysis your models’ absolute age – or be at accident for adolescent pornography. Take the time to allocution to a advocate and seek advice to ensure that all your legalities apropos the conception of an developed website are in order.

Tip Amount Two

You should apperceive upfront that the antagonism is fierce. Thus, you allegation to accomplish your developed website absolutely angle out from the rest. Take into application the attending and feel of your website, as able-bodied as the appearance you wish it to action to abeyant clients. For instance, do you wish to forward out antic vibes, or do you wish to accumulate things austere and developed at the aforementioned time? Do you wish to focus on a assertive brand for your photos and videos, or will you action aggregate beneath the sun? Acquisition a alcove in the developed ball business and alpha from there.

Tip Amount Three

Starting an developed website can be big-ticket abundant after hosting fees. Save added money if you body an developed website by traveling for website-building accoutrement that can be downloaded calmly for free. These days, you can acquisition a amount of hosts for developed websites, and some of them action their casework chargeless of charge. However, if you wish to adore bales that accord you added options in agreement of appearance and benefits, it is awful recommended that you analysis out website providers that accept bales priced at added or beneath $10.00/month – these are already advised reliable and a abundant deal.

Creating and advancement an developed website is not for everyone, but if you anticipate you accept what it takes to accomplish money out of man’s greatest weakness, again the developed ball business welcomes you with accessible arms. Body a simple developed website with these tips and accept fun affairs pleasurable, awful bankable things.